IAM Leads the way once again for the CLC Lobby Day in Ottawa

Ottawa, ON – On Tuesday, November 28 2023, more than 200 labour activists met with MPs on Parliament Hill under the banner of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) – and once again the dominant group came from the IAM.

This time 57 IAM members lobbied parliamentarians on the need for a quicker implementation of the Anti-Scab Law, A national Pharmacare plan and sustainable jobs.

As the world transitions towards a greener future, it’s very important for workers to be at the table in a tri-partite discussion with employers and governments; jobs in manufacturing, energy and aerospace are particularly affected due to their high usage of fossil fuels.

On Monday evening, the IAM had a caucus meeting of members from across Canada and discussed our own priorities, as well as making sure we all lobbied on behalf of workers and working families. There was also a “lobbying training” from the CLC for all trade unionists from all unions present.

Along with a number of first-time IAM attendees, many members are already veterans of this process and showed their comfort by speaking with Members of Parliament from all parties, as well as Senators.

“The more we lobby our elected officials on topics important to workers and the more we are comfortable in doing so, the more we will be able to persuade them that we are a force to be reckoned with,” said Derek Ferguson, Grand Lodge Representative responsible for Political Action. “I look forward to having as many IAM members trained in political action and lobbying as possible so that we can be a voice for working people.”

IAM in the House!
Meeting with BQ MP Rhéal Fortin
Meeting with Senator Claude Carignan