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    Summer is here! L’été est arrivé!

    With the arrival of summer comes warm weather, outdoor activities and vacations.  As has been the case for many years, LL2468 will not hold any monthly meetings for the months of July and August.  The next monthly meeting will be held on September 13, 2016.  The LL2468 Executive would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer.  Enjoy!

    Avec l’arrivée de l’été vient le temps chaud, les activités de plein air et les vacances. Comme depuis plusieurs années, il n’y aura pas de réunion mensuelle pour les mois de juillet et août.  Le prochain réunion mensuelle se tiendra le 13 septembre 2016.  L’exécutif de la SL2468 aimerait profiter de cette occasion pour souhaiter à tous un été sécuritaire et relaxant. Prendre plaisir!



    IAM 2016 Photo Contest – Concours de photographie 2016 de l’AIM

    On behalf of Stan Pickthall, Chief of Staff/Au nom de Stan Pickthall, Chef du personnel

    IAM 2016 Photo Contest – Please submit before June 1st deadline.

     Veuillez soumettre avant la date limite du  ler  juin.



    Nouvelles – Air Canada, Bombardier – News

    Étant donné les dernières nouvelles au sujet d’Air Canada / Bombardier et les Gouvernements provinciale et fédérale, Dave Ritchie a publié les lettres ci-dessous à l’honorable Judy Sgro, l’honorable Marc Garneau et l’honorable William Morneau:

    sgro let 2016_FR[2]

    Garneau fr[2]

    Morneau letter FR

    Given the recent news regarding Air Canada / Bombardier and the Provincial and Federal Governments, Dave Ritchie has issued the letters below to The Honourable Judy Sgro, the Honourable Marc Garneau and the Honourable William Morneau:

    sgro let 2016[2]

    Garneau english[2]

    Morneau letter eng

    Emplois d’été – District 11 – Summer Jobs

    Cliquez sur le lien pour en savoir plus.

    Stagiaires Été 2016

    Click on the link below to learn more.

    Students Summer 2016


    2016 Siemens Labour Meeting


    This event represents the first time LL2468 has participated in a Siemens Union Conference.  Members from IG Metall, IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), IAMAW, IUE-CWA (International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine and Furniture Workers – Communications Workers of America), USW (United Steel Workers), UAW (United Auto Workers) and UNIFOR were representing Germany, Canada and the US.  Canadians were represented by an all-Quebec contingent from Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres and Drummondville.

    Reinhard Hahn, IG Metall Head of Projects, stated that a major fact of Germany’s success is the inclusion of Labour Unions in all levels of the Company Hierarchy.  Economic profitability is intertwined with employees.  The German model is based upon a 3-Pillar system:  The Trade Union, The Works Council and The Supervisory Board.

    IG Metall spearheaded a movement to introduce an International Framework Agreement for all Siemens companies throughout the world.  Included in this plan is a Neutrality Clause that would allow for organization opportunities of non-organized Siemens shops with no interference from Company management.  At present, this is still not recognized in Canada and the US.

    Lee Vickers, Senior Director of Siemens HR in the US spoke about the current situation of Siemens in the US, including Union representation and the various Siemens divisions.  When questioned about the applicability of any neutrality clause in the US, he answered that he thought that it wouldn’t work in the US.  He also mentioned that it’s up to the employees to organize on their own.

    The main activity that occurred at this meeting was the World Café, the purpose of which was to gather answers to the following questions:  1.  What would be high value for the unions active in Siemens companies?  2. How should the structure of inter-union representation at Siemens be defined?  3. What programs should be agreed with Siemens?  Framework of apprentice and training programs defined?  4. Most important parts with respect to activities in Siemens companies in the US?  What would be most esteemed by employees?  5. How should communications/coordination be defined between all parties?

    Many interesting conclusions were revealed following the dissemination of the answers, but the returning themes revolved around job security, pensions, healthcare, right to respect/dignity and fair representation.  Other items such as forming union groups according to industry and/or geography, forming email lists and websites and ensuring that appropriate interpretation is available were also listed.

    We look forward to attending future Siemens Labour Meetings.

    Links to the meeting from other unions:

    Nouveau membre du comité des griefs (RRC) pour SL2468 – New Grievance Committee (RRC) Member for LL2468



    Mario est maintenant le troisième membre du Comité des griefs (RRC) SL2468Il remplace Carole Pearson, qui a pris sa retraite l’année dernière.
    Nous souhaitons tout le meilleur à Mario dans son nouveau rôle avec la SL2468!

    Mario is now the third member of the LL2468 Grievance Committee (RRC).  He is replacing Carole Pearson who retired late last year.
    We wish Mario all the best in his new role with LL2468!

    LL2468 Helps Out At Old Brewery Mission


    Kudos to Colin Adams and Juliette Martin for volunteering at the Old Brewery Mission last week.

    Well done Brothers and Sisters!

    Happy New Year to all! Bonne année à tous!


    Wishing everyone the very best for 2016!

    Souhaitant à tous le meilleur pour 2016!

    LL 2468 Positions Available – Positions disponibles SL 2468

    The following positions are open:

    Grievance Committee Member – RRC

    Educator – Siemens or RRC

    Nominations for the position of Grievance Committee Member – RRC will be held at the first Monthly General Meeting on January 12, 2016.

    The position of Educator is by appointment.

    The Grievance Committee Member’s responsibilities involve ensuring that the Collective Agreement is being respected and participating in any procedures involving the Collective Agreement, e.g.: grievances, interpretation, representation of members, etc.

    The Educator’s role is to assist in carrying out education and training programs approved by the Grand Lodge and related to educating and training the local membership on all issues affecting workers and their families.

    Please contact Shahira or Matt concerning the Grievance Committee Member’s position.

    Please contact George, Matt, Nathalie or Juliette concerning the Educator’s position.


    Les postes suivants sont disponibles:

    Membre du Comité des griefs RRC

    Éducateur Siemens ou RRC

    Les nominations pour le poste de membre du Comité des griefs RRC aura lieu lors de la première assemblée générale mensuelle le 12 Janvier 2016.

    La position de l’éducateur est par nomination.

    Les responsabilités du Comité des griefs impliquent veiller à ce que la convention collective est respectée et de participer à toutes les procédures impliquant la convention collective, par exemple: les griefs, l’interprétation, la représentation des membres, etc.

    Le rôle de l’éducateur est d’aider à la réalisation de programmes d’éducation et de formation approuvés par la Grande Loge et liés à l’éducation et la formation de la composition locale sur toutes les questions touchant les travailleurs et leurs familles.

    S’il vous plaît contacter Shahira ou Matt concernant la position de la membre du Comité des griefs.

    S’il vous plaît communiquer avec George, MattNathalie ou Juliette concernant la position de l’éducateur.