Colin Adams Retires

After 23 years of service to Rolls-Royce Canada and Siemens, Colin Adams retired on September 1 2022. Colin was a past member of the 2468-RRC Negotiation Committee and 2468-Siemens Grievance Committee. He also held the role of 2468 Secretary-Treasurer since 2015; he has been replaced by Daren Legault. Colin has provided a brief auto-biography:

  I started my working career on September 5th 1978, as a Sheet metal worker/ Coppersmith apprentice.

  After four years I was placed in the Maintenance and Manufacture department in Derby’s Sinfin factory. I volunteered for a time to join instrumentation for the development of the V2500.

   I left RR, when severance was offered to follow  a different path. After a couple of small companies I was taken on by Rotadata, a relatively small company that had huge contracts in Derby and elsewhere in the world.

   Primarily Rotadata is instrumentation and I worked with a highly skilled, older crowd than I was used to. I was very lucky to be given lessons in instrumentation techniques by men 30 years my senior. that are still viable and useful today,

  Taking a lot of what I had learned I was dispatched to Berlin to help the Germans with the development engine BRR710, and BRR715. On return to England I was not happy and gave my CV free reign on the internet, Alastair McFarlane called me one night to offer me a position in Montréal.

  The Trent engine was having problems with combustion and I stayed until my retirement last month.

  The end!

I would like to thank Colin for his service and devotion to LL2468 of the IAMAW; he was always smiling, he liked everyone and was liked by all.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors; health, happiness and prosperity!

IAMAW Leads the way on CLC Lobby Day in Ottawa – L’AIMTA ouvre la voie lors de la journée de lobbying du CTC à Ottawa

Once again, the IAMAW contributed the most participants from any one union in Canada: 84 of 400 union representatives for the CLC annual lobby day were Machinists!  This marks the third time in as many years that the IAMAW led the way for lobbying efforts on Parliament Hill.

Encore une fois, l’AIMTA a contribué le plus de participants d’un syndicat au Canada: 84 des 400 représentants syndicaux pour la journée de lobbying annuelle du CTC étaient des Machinistes! C’est la troisième fois en autant d’années que l’AIMTA ouvre la voie à des efforts de lobbying sur la Colline du Parlement.

This was another great opportunity to raise awareness and educate MPs on the issues currently facing many Canadian workers: Universal pharmacare, pension protection, contract-flipping, $15/hour minimum wage, violence in the workplace and the IAMAW aerospace strategy.

IAMAW representatives met with MPs from NDP, Liberal, Conservative and Bloq ridings.

Ce fut une autre excellente occasion de sensibiliser et d’éduquer les députés sur les problèmes auxquels font face actuellement de nombreux travailleurs canadiens: assurance-médicaments universelle, protection des pensions, renversement de contrat, salaire minimum de 15 $ / heure, violence en milieu de travail et stratégie aérospatiale de l’AIMTA.

Des représentants de l’AIMTA ont rencontré des députés des circonscriptions NPD, libérales, conservatrices et Bloq.

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