Colin Adams Retires

After 23 years of service to Rolls-Royce Canada and Siemens, Colin Adams retired on September 1 2022. Colin was a past member of the 2468-RRC Negotiation Committee and 2468-Siemens Grievance Committee. He also held the role of 2468 Secretary-Treasurer since 2015; he has been replaced by Daren Legault. Colin has provided a brief auto-biography:

  I started my working career on September 5th 1978, as a Sheet metal worker/ Coppersmith apprentice.

  After four years I was placed in the Maintenance and Manufacture department in Derby’s Sinfin factory. I volunteered for a time to join instrumentation for the development of the V2500.

   I left RR, when severance was offered to follow  a different path. After a couple of small companies I was taken on by Rotadata, a relatively small company that had huge contracts in Derby and elsewhere in the world.

   Primarily Rotadata is instrumentation and I worked with a highly skilled, older crowd than I was used to. I was very lucky to be given lessons in instrumentation techniques by men 30 years my senior. that are still viable and useful today,

  Taking a lot of what I had learned I was dispatched to Berlin to help the Germans with the development engine BRR710, and BRR715. On return to England I was not happy and gave my CV free reign on the internet, Alastair McFarlane called me one night to offer me a position in Montréal.

  The Trent engine was having problems with combustion and I stayed until my retirement last month.

  The end!

I would like to thank Colin for his service and devotion to LL2468 of the IAMAW; he was always smiling, he liked everyone and was liked by all.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors; health, happiness and prosperity!