George Zoni

My parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary in 1967 in order to provide better opportunities for themselves and their family; I was born in Montreal in 1969.  I grew up on the south shore, lived in the Laurentians for 11 years and have since moved to the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area.  I completed a DEC in Analytical Chemistry in 1991 at the college de Valleyfield.

I began working for Rolls-Royce Canada in 1993 as an Analytical Chemist and shortly thereafter became involved with LL2468 in 199x as the conductor-sentinel; a few years later I became a union steward.  My involvement with the negotiation process began when I became a member of the Negotiating Committee in 2011.  When the Rolls-Royce Energy business was purchased by Siemens, I was working full-time supporting the energy tests beds.  Therefore, my position transferred over to Siemens Canada on December 1, 2014.  I became President of LL2468 in January of 2015; in the same instance, I was elected to a position on the Grievance Committee for LL2468 Siemens employees.  I am also the current chair of the Negotiation Committee for LL2468 Siemens employees.

Becoming actively involved in a local lodge is one of the most challenging and yet most rewarding endeavours to be part of, especially given the current economical and political climate.  I initially became involved in the Union due to curiosity and my desire to learn and participate.  For similar reasons, I have been volunteering in my community as a youth sports coach with various organisations in St-Lazare and the West Island since 2006.

I have no doubt that unless the working class unites, our society will continue to move towards a plutocracy, manipulated by those 1% who continue to become richer.