New Union Office!

As of January, 2015, our lodge has a new home!  We are now located at 2575 32nd avenue in Lachine, H8T 3G9.  There are several maps posted to make your way from RRC or Siemens, by foot or by car.  Most of our General Meetings will be held here, along with most votes and Special Meetings.  Located 450 m from RRC/Siemens by foot along Cote-de-liesse, attending union meetings has never been easier!

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Entry door – outside


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Entry door – inside


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Main room


District 11 Lodges come together in support of the Old Brewery Mission


Volunteers from IAMAW Local Lodges 2468 and 869 in front of the Old Brewery Mission

On Friday, March 13th, members of several IAMAW local lodges gathered together at the Old Brewery Mission in order to show support for this Montreal Institution.  Members received a guided tour of the facility which included how the facility operated, the amount of people who used the facility, the rules and other information.

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The less privileged of Montreal begin to gather for their late afternoon meal.

Following the tour, it was time to get to work: lodge members donned their aprons and began setting up the tables: this included napkins, cutlery, bread, coffee and two Oreo cookies.  Everything regarding the service is about efficiency: chains of volunteers link the kitchen counter where the meals are issued to the farthest tables.  The coffee was premixed with milk, and as each recipient finished their meal, their tray was picked up and the area was cleaned for the next wave of hungry diners.

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The IAMAW District 11 team of volunteers at the Old Brewery Mission dining area.

Teamwork is essential in order to serve up to several hundred less fortunate people who may be homeless, poor and perhaps on welfare.  There was no need for any special “programs” involving catch phrases, meetings and discussions.  This system obviously evolved through trial and error, and is easily learned by all new volunteers.

During the period between  16:00 to 18:00, we served approximately 200 people.  As they made their way into the dining area, one could not help but wonder how these less fortunate people reached their current situation.  Speaking to a long-time volunteer, I was told that the range of circumstances was very broad: some had university educations and once held government jobs, others lost their wives/husbands and/or children, still others had substance issues.  Looking at their faces as they shuffled by, it was apparent that misfortune can happen to anyone.

photo 3

In stark contrast to the reality of the less fortunate, nearby construction of multi-million dollar buildings continues.

The latest official census on homeless people was done in 1998; the amount of homeless in Montreal at that point was a staggering 20 to 30 000.  A more recent census was conducted in March of this year, but the numbers are not yet in.

photo 1

Nearby buildings on Clark street.

The Old Brewery Mission and the IAMAW have a very interesting shared historical fact: both organisations turn 125 years old this year!  As a gesture of gratitude for the tireless work performed by this organisation, the IAMAW District 11 presented a cheque of $1 500 to the Old Brewery Mission.  I hope to continue our relationship with this iconic Montreal institution for as long as they need volunteers.  The obvious hope is that this will not be a long-term relationship, but today’s reality almost certainly indicates otherwise…


Equité salariale


Équité salariale

René Roy, secrétaire général FTQ
Responsable politique

Louise Michaud
9500, chemin Côte-de-Liesse
Lachine (Québec)
H8T 1A2
Tél. : 514-631-5389 syndicat

Suzanne Amiot
Vice-présidente FTQ
C.P. 8888, bureau AR 030
succursale Centre-ville
Montréal (Québec)
H3C 3P8
Tél. : 514-987-3000 p. 8461

AIMTA – Nouveau frère d’arme


les 167 employés de SEA 2000 se sont joins à l’AIMTA

Philippe Lapointe

Le 1er décembre 2014, les 167 employés de SEA 2000 se sont joins à l’AIMTA.

Lors de la période permise de changement d’allégeance syndicale, ces gardiens et gardiennes de sécurité d’aéroport ont quitté la CSD pour se joindre à l’AIMTA, le plus gros syndicat de l’aéroportuaire et de l’aérospatial en Amérique du Nord.

Ils se joignent au syndicat qui représente Air Canada, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Textron, etc. Plus de 8000 conventions collectives, une connaissance sans comparable du domaine.

Ce fut une campagne menée afin d’obtenir un syndicat démocratique, transparent, professionnel et toujours disponible. Cela nous fera plaisir de remplir nos promesses et de profiter de notre fort rapport de force à l’aéroport pour l’amélioration des conditions de travail de tous et toutes.

Nous tenons à remercier tous les membres qui ont donné du temps et de l’énergie pour rendre cela possible. Leur confiance et travail acharné a fait toute la différence.

Les recruteurs Philippe Lapointe et Robert Savoie ont pu compter sur une équipe dynamique et dédiée, ce qui donne de beaux présages pour la vitalité syndicale à venir.

Histoire -Le Syndicalisme Quebecois au 20ieme siecle

Le syndicalisme québécois au 20e siècle

Par Mathieu Noël, sous la supervision de Dominique Marquis, Laboratoire d’histoire et de patrimoine de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal

Création de syndicats québécois

Contrairement à la croyance populaire, le syndicalisme s’est développé au même rythme au Québec qu’en Ontario et aux États-Unis. Durant la première moitié du 20e siècle, les principaux syndicats québécois sont affiliés à des centrales américaines telles que l’American Federation of Labour (AFL). Afin de contrer l’influence américaine sur les travailleurs québécois, l’Église catholique encourage la création de syndicats catholiques. En 1921, la Confédération des travailleurs catholiques du Canada (CTCC) est fondée. Elle regroupe près de 80 syndicats. Les revendications de l’époque visent essentiellement de meilleures conditions pour les ouvriers et leurs familles : on exige une diminution du nombre d’heures de travail, une hausse des salaires et une meilleure réglementation du travail des enfants.


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