Happy New Year! Bonne année!


Catherine Marceau prend sa retraite! Catherine Marceau retires!

La SL 2468 vous souhaite une merveilleuse retraite!  LL2468 wishes you a wonderful retirement!20171212_133751





Janet Boutara Retires! Janet Boutara prend sa retraite!

Janis started her career at Rolls Royce Canada on June 5, 1978 as an input/output clerk. Janis climbed the ladder steadily becoming a senior inventory analyst and her introduction into her current role of Customer Service Technical Representative on December 16, 1996.

Janis has occupied this role since then and became a great mentor for her colleagues. Janis is very well liked and has always kept her beautiful smile even through tough times. 

Janis is starting her well-deserved retirement on November 29, 2017.

Wishing Janis a very happy, healthy and fun retirement.

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Nomination Results for 2018-2020 Term – Résultats des nominations pour le mandat 2018-2020

The MGM of November 14, 2017, was quite lively!  Ultimately, all positions for the 2018-2020 term were filled by acclamation.  Congratulations to all!

La réunion mensuelle du 14 novembre 2017 était très animée!  En fin de compte, tous les postes pour le mandat 2018-2020 ont été pourvus par acclamation.  Félicitations à tous!

RRC_Exec               Siemens_Exec


Matt McConville Retires!

Matt McConville is retiring after 42 years at Rolls Royce Canada. Matt started in the supply chain on February 2, 1975 in the supply chain. Through the years Matt has climbed the ladder in the organization and is retiring as a well established and experienced MRPC as of November 1, 2017.

Wishing Matt a happy, healthy long retirement.

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Poppies for sale at RRC! Coquelicots à vendre chez RRC!

Judith Leaper and Ray Lyons were spotted today at RRC selling Poppies!  Lest we forget.

Judith Leaper et Ray Lyons ont été aperçus chez RRC aujourd’hui en vendant des coquelicots!  Je me souviens.Poppy_RRC


Following the mysterious disappearance of the LL2468 gavel during the union office move of 2014, two collaborators surprised LL2468 members during the MGM of September 12, 2017 with a replacement gavel.

Ed O’Flaherty, retired 2468 member and 2468 retiree representative, sought out the support of skilled woodworker Mark Currin, Project Manager, to fashion a new gavel for 2468.

When asked by Ed how LL2468 could repay Mark, Mark had this to say:

“Thanks Ed.  If you remember I have been indebted to you for around 15 years. As a new comer to Canada you came to help and I appreciated that perhaps more than I have mentioned.

The gavel was just a gift of appreciation mostly to you but also to your fellow Canadians for welcoming me and my family here all those years ago.  Immigrating to Canada changed our lives and we now call it home.

I enjoyed making the gavel.  I had not made one before so I spent some time exploring designs on the internet; there is no cost and if there was I would still give it you.  For me the joy was seeing everyone smile.  You never know I might get a commision to make something else but honestly if ever I can help you or you want a piece of my work on your mantlepiece you only have to ask.”

From the members of LL2468, Thank-you Mark!


À la suite de la disparition mystérieuse du marteau SL2468 lors du déménagement du bureau syndicale en 2014, deux collaborateurs ont surpris les membres de SL2468 lors de la réunion mensuelle du 12 septembre 2017 avec un marteau de remplacement.

Ed O’Flaherty, membre à la retraite de 2468 et représentant des retraités de 2468, a demandé le soutien du menuisier artisanale Mark Currin, gérant de projets, pour fabriquer un nouveau marteau pour 2468.

Lorsque demandé par Ed comment la SL2468 pouvait rembourser Mark, Mark avait ceci à dire:

“Merci Ed. Si vous vous en souvenez, je vous suis redevable depuis environ 15 ans. En tant que nouveau venu au Canada, vous êtes venu a mon aide et j’ai apprécié cela peut-être plus que ce que j’ai mentionné.

Le marteau n’était qu’un cadeau d’appréciation principalement pour vous, mais aussi pour vos concitoyens canadiens pour l’accueil de ma famille ici tous ces ans.  Immigrer au Canada a changé nos vies et nous l’appelons maintenant notre pays.

J’ai aimé faire le marteau. Je n’avais pas fait un avant alors j’ai passé du temps à explorer des dessins sur Internet; il n’y a pas de frais et, s’il y avait, je le donnerais toujours. Pour moi, la joie était de voir les sourires. Vous ne le savez jamais,  je pourrais avoir une commission pour faire autre chose, mais honnêtement, si jamais je peux vous aider ou vous voulez un de mes oeuvres sur votre manteau, il ne faut que demander.”

Des membres de la SL2468, Merci Mark!

Isabel Connolly Retires!


October  1st 1979, my first day at Rolls-Royce Canada… it seems  a life time ago.  I was sure I  would  only stay  for  a year; after all, I was only 21 and not ready to settle down.

That all changed at  3:30  that  afternoon when my  mother, who was an Inspector at  Rolls-Royce Canada,  took me to  the  Spey / Tay  section on the  way out that  day  to  introduce me to  a few people.  One of the people my Mum introduced  me to  was a fitter named  Peter Connolly, and that  was the highlight  of  my  career  at  Rolls-Royce.  38  years later he still remains the best  thing  that  has happened in my  life.  So  a big  thank  you  to  Mum  and Rolls Royce.

When I  started at Rolls-Royce Canada in October 1979, I  worked in records for  a short  time, then  I  moved to   Production  Control   where we  had an office of only  ladies:  Carol Jackson, Carol Pearson, June Smith,  Nan Duffney  and Elaine Sutton.  What a  great time we had!  Carol Pearson  and I  were the  youngsters in  the  office; now, I  find myself   being the  older Lady  training the  next  generation of youngsters.

After Production Control I moved over to  Supply Chain; I  loved the  fast  pace of the  job.  I  was tremendously  lucky working with  the team we had  in spares; every day  was different, some days were really stressful but we always managed to laugh every day.

I  have been  so  very  fortunate to  have worked at  RRC for  the  past  38 years; it  has  been an amazing journey, one I  will never forget.

Good Luck Isabel!


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Matt McGinn and Georges Ghetler Retire!

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Happy Retirement Matt McGinn

After thirty eight years Matt has decided to retire and enjoy life. Matt started at Rolls Royce on November 29, 1979. Matt started to work in the print shop as a print operator. Matt then was promoted to become the Print shop Coordinator in 1998, he did a great job and handled the load with a smile and speed and quality.

In 2002 Matt became a Technical assistant the position he occupied till his retirement.

IN 2008 Matt decided to get involved in the union and joined the negotiating committee and also the grievance committee.

In 2015 Matt became the Vice President of the Lodge and stayed also as a grievance member, and started his last negotiation round.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Matt for his valuable contribution on the grievance committee and negotiation.

Wishing you a happy healthy peaceful retirement, enjoy it.

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Georges Ghetler

My life at Rolls-Royce started on November 22, 1988 as a welder. My first supervisor was Jacques David , Stéphane’s dad and my first lead hand was René D’Amico, Paul’s dad. I spent 11 years on the shop floor when the decision was made to move our computer system from legacy to SAP. I quickly volunteered because it sounded like a new challenge that I thought would suit me. I spent 12 months writing SAP scripts and providing training.

When I realized that I didn’t want to go back to welding, I applied for a job in Inspection Support which I did for just over one year but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

An opportunity opened up in the Quality Department and I was exhilarated when it was offered to me in 2002. I have been in this department since, working first for Robert Bélanger, then Benoit Manseau, Elena DiFrancesco, Bertrand Audi, Isabelle Caron, Bill Mateer, Pascal Couture, Irina Grigore and now, shortly before retirement, back to Robert.

I contemplated retirement a short while ago but flip-flopped about when I should go. When I finally set my date for June 30, the countdown was on.

I’ve had a great life at Rolls-Royce. They’ve allowed me to by my house, my Mustang, my Harley and many other toys and southern vacations. The greatest thing I have to thank Rolls for though is giving me the opportunity to meet and marry my beautiful wife, Julie.

There have been some ups and downs in the last 29 years but I would never give it up for anything.

The LL2468 Executive wishes all the best to Matt and Georges for their retirement.

Anti-Airport Privatization Campaign – Campagne contre la privatisation des aéroports

Stan Picktall, IAMAW GVP for the Canadian Territory, has sent the letter below to Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada.  Please read.

IAM Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Airport Privatization June 2017_ENGLISH

Stan Picktall, VPG AIMTA pour le territoire Canadien, a envoyé la lettre ci-dessous à Justin Trudeau, Premier ministre du Canada.  Prenez le temps de la lire.

IAM Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Airport Privatization June 2017_FRENCH