Cathy Wright Retires! La retraite de Cathy Wright!

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Years before I arrived at RRC, I took courses related to Material Requirements Planning, and got my CAPIC certificate.  Barcode technology was being introduced in shop floor control, and although I had read about it, I had never seen it in action.  A team of 4 MRPC’s from RRC were in my program and in 1 of the courses, they were able to show us, that the technology was already in use at RRC.  I was very impressed and thought RRC would be a good company to work for.

Years later, 1996 a friend told me about an opening at RRC as MRPC.  I updated my CV and was thrilled to get a job in the Industrial Trent as Planner/Buyer starting Sept 30th.

I changed from Industrial to Aero to Industrial and back to Aero to work on Class A and B.

I was greatly involved in the class C project, which lead to Hardware Kitting Project.  The project was complicated to get going, but the success was such that our project was chosen to represent Aero RRC at the CEQA competition in 2005  (Chief Executive Quality Awards).  We did not win, but it was quite an experience.

Immediately, upon my return, I joined the subcon team with Kathy and Marcel and we have worked together for the past 12 years.

In Jan 1998, I joined ERT.  It was challenging going through the training, writing exams and doing practical tests, but it is something that I am very passionate about and have been proud of my service with such an awesome team.

I am thankful for my 20+ year career at RRC, and I will miss the people who I have come to know as friends.

Looking forward, there is a lot of cycling, hiking, running, swimming and travelling on my horizon.  I am a sports and fitness nut, so I am lacing up my pink runners to start my new challenges.



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