RRC Retirees 2016 Christmas Party – Fête de Noël des retraités RRC 2016

Shahira and I had the opportunity to catch up with the RRC Retirees Association at their annual Christmas Lunch. It was very nice to see our former colleagues with whom we worked for many years. A good time was had by all!

Shahira et moi nous avons eu l’occasion de diner avec l’association des retraités […]

Monthly Meeting for November – Réunion mensuelle pour novembre

MONTHLY MEETING: Due to mitigating circumstances, the monthly general meeting for November will be held on November 15, 2016 at 16:30.

ASSEMBLÉE MENSUELLE: En raison des circonstances atténuantes, l’assemblée générale mensuelle de novembre se tiendra le 15 novembre 2016 à 16h30.

Vote Results – Résultats des votes

RRC Contract Proposal accepted at 69%

L’offre patronale RRC accepté à 69%

Siemens shares LOA accepted at 85%

Lettre d’entente actions Siemens accepté à 85%

VOTE on Shares Letter of Agreement (Siemens) – VOTE sur lettre d’entente actions (Siemens)

Monday, October 24, 07:00 to 17:00 (all-day vote) at the Union Office, 2575 32nd avenue, Suite 203

Vote on letter of agreement to participate in Siemens AG Share Matching Program

Lundi, 24 octobre, 07h00 à 17h00 (toute la journée) au bureau de syndicat, 2575 32ième avenue, suite 203

Vote sur lettre d’entente pour participation au […]

VOTE on Company (RRC) Offer – VOTE sur l’offre patronale (RRC)

Monday, October 24, 16:00, Holiday Inn, 6500 Cote-de-liesse, Diamond Room II

Lundi, 24 octobre, 16h00, Holiday Inn, 6500 Cote-de-liesse, Diamant II

Vote_RRC_Francais Vote_RRC_English

Vote Results Are In: “NO!” Les résultats du vote: “NON!”

See the attached document for full details.

Voir le document ci-joint pour en savoir plus.

2468 (RRC) Vote Results

Vote on Company Offer – RRC Vote sur l’offre de la compagnie – RRC

Vote on Company offer – RRC – Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Open the document for more details.

Vote sur l’offre de la compagnie – RRC – mardi, 4 octobre, 2016. Voir le document ci-joint pour en savoir plus.



Negotiations Update – LL2468/RRC – Mise à jour sur négociations – SL2468/RRC

Click on the link to read the document.

Cliquez sur le lien pour en savoir plus.



Grand Lodge Convention – Chicago 2016

Brother Colin Adams and I returned from Chicago last week. This convention was a definite eye-opener! Full report about the GL Convention at next month’s general meeting, October 11, 2016!

Confrère Colin Adams et moi nous sommes revenus de Chicago la semaine dernière. Cette convention a été très dynamique! Rapport complet sur la Convention du […]

Summer is here! L’été est arrivé!

With the arrival of summer comes warm weather, outdoor activities and vacations. As has been the case for many years, LL2468 will not hold any monthly meetings for the months of July and August. The next monthly meeting will be held on September 13, 2016. The LL2468 Executive would like to take this opportunity to […]