Isabel Connolly Retires!


October  1st 1979, my first day at Rolls-Royce Canada… it seems  a life time ago.  I was sure I  would  only stay  for  a year; after all, I was only 21 and not ready to settle down.

That all changed at  3:30  that  afternoon when my  mother, who was an Inspector at  Rolls-Royce Canada,  took me to  the  Spey / Tay  section on the  way out that  day  to  introduce me to  a few people.  One of the people my Mum introduced  me to  was a fitter named  Peter Connolly, and that  was the highlight  of  my  career  at  Rolls-Royce.  38  years later he still remains the best  thing  that  has happened in my  life.  So  a big  thank  you  to  Mum  and Rolls Royce.

When I  started at Rolls-Royce Canada in October 1979, I  worked in records for  a short  time, then  I  moved to   Production  Control   where we  had an office of only  ladies:  Carol Jackson, Carol Pearson, June Smith,  Nan Duffney  and Elaine Sutton.  What a  great time we had!  Carol Pearson  and I  were the  youngsters in  the  office; now, I  find myself   being the  older Lady  training the  next  generation of youngsters.

After Production Control I moved over to  Supply Chain; I  loved the  fast  pace of the  job.  I  was tremendously  lucky working with  the team we had  in spares; every day  was different, some days were really stressful but we always managed to laugh every day.

I  have been  so  very  fortunate to  have worked at  RRC for  the  past  38 years; it  has  been an amazing journey, one I  will never forget.

Good Luck Isabel!


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