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    Isabel Connolly Retires!

    October 1st 1979, my first day at Rolls-Royce Canada… it seems a life time ago. I was sure I would only stay for a year; after all, I was only 21 and not ready to settle down.

    That all changed at 3:30 that afternoon when my mother, who was an Inspector at Rolls-Royce Canada, […]

    Matt McGinn and Georges Ghetler Retire!

    Happy Retirement Matt McGinn

    After thirty eight years Matt has decided to retire and enjoy life. Matt started at Rolls Royce on November 29, 1979. Matt started to work in the print shop as a print operator. Matt then was promoted to become the Print shop Coordinator in 1998, he did a […]

    Anti-Airport Privatization Campaign – Campagne contre la privatisation des aéroports

    Stan Picktall, IAMAW GVP for the Canadian Territory, has sent the letter below to Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada. Please read.

    IAM Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Airport Privatization June 2017_ENGLISH

    Stan Picktall, VPG AIMTA pour le territoire Canadien, a envoyé la lettre ci-dessous à Justin Trudeau, Premier ministre du Canada. Prenez le […]

    LL 2468 Donates $300 to Red Cross for Flood Victims La SL 2468 fait un don de $300 au Croix Rouge pour aider les victimes des inondations

    LL 2468 members voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 9th, to donate $300 to the Red Cross in support of flooding victims in Quebec. Solidarity for all. Click on the link below for a brief video.

    Les membres de la SL 2468 ont voté à l’unanimité le mardi 9 mai pour faire un don de 300 […]

    Flooding in Quebec – Inondations au Quebec

    Many families are currently living the most trying times of their lives. Unprecedented flooding has hit south western Quebec affecting homes from Gatineau to Two Mountains as well as areas in Ontario and New Brunswick. The flooding is reminiscent of the Alberta floods of 2013. Here are some images from members of 2468 who are […]

    Patricia Mareuil Retires! La retraite de Patricia Mareuil!

    Patricia retires after 42 years of work at RRC. Pat is best known as the “Queen of reporting” for all of RRC! She is also a champion and helped in the introduction of SAP into RRC. Pat helped develop most of the training sessions on SAP for different departments and designed all the bells and […]

    Cathy Wright Retires! La retraite de Cathy Wright!


    Years before I arrived at RRC, I took courses related to Material Requirements Planning, and got my CAPIC certificate. Barcode technology was being introduced in shop floor control, and although I had read about it, I had never seen it in action. A team of 4 MRPC’s […]

    Happy Birthday Matt! Bonne fête Matt!

    February 28th marked our VP, Matt McGinn’s 65th (?) birthday!

    Le 28 février a marqué le 65e (?) anniversaire de Matt McGinn, notre VP!

    Siemens Investing in Dorval – Siemens investit à Dorval

    Publié le 20 janvier 2017 à 11h22 | Mis à jour à 13h02

    Siemens investit 133 millions pour moderniser son usine de Dorval

    Le géant allemand investira entre autres 110,6 millions à Dorval afin d’y réaliser de la recherche et du développement pour la conception ainsi que l’amélioration de turbines aérodérivées, utilisées […]

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All! Joyeux Noël et bonne année à tous!

    Another year has come and gone. We faced many challenges this year, but we also had many successes. I’d like to thank the executive and all of our committees, for without your hard work and dedication, we simply wouldn’t have arrived to where we are now. I’d also like to thank all of our members […]